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“You are the only agent I met with who didn’t tell me the same thing as everyone else. We would love to have you represent us.”  – K.D.


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Entrepreneur’s Edge with Barbara Browne of One Suite Stay

Q: Barbara, you own and operate One Suite Stay. Tell us about your business and what you specialize in. A: OneSuiteStay Vacation Rentals specializes in homes-away-from-home for vacation, short-term & corporate rentals. OneSuiteStay has a fabulously diverse range of offerings;...

Q: How’s the Market?

A.  Every year as the holidays near we’re asked by seller clients, “Should we wait until the spring — or after the holidays — to list our house?” Like most real estate questions it ultimately warrants the answer that applies...

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How do you describe the best experience possible??!! Brandon Nelson is a gem among realtors. I’ve had bad experiences, I’ve had mediocre experiences, and now I’ve had the BEST.
Brandon is professional, dedicated, and committed to excellence in everything he does. He started by going through our house thoroughly, telling us what needed to be done to make sure it sold quickly – and telling us what we did NOT need to do because it wouldn’t give us a return on our investment. That one day with him enabled us to put the house on the market immediately – rather than waiting 8 – 12 months. He sold our house faster than we could have envisioned, working closely with us to negotiate with the buyer’s agent. We got our full asking price, and we took the first of multiple offers received on the FIRST day of showing. Most importantly for us, he became a friend along the way. I have already referred him to four friends – one whom he helped buy a house the day after she contacted him, going against 7 other offers! Needless to say, she loves him as much as we do. To cap it all off, he paid for our moving truck. Now that’s what I call service! The only thing I’m sad about is that he lives too far away to work with us in buying our next home!
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I was a first time home buyer and Brandons’ team of professional agents really helped me out! Solveig was outstanding and very personal. My pops and I looked at a good bit of properties, and she never seemed to put any pressure on me, or care at all if I didn’t like a place, even if she thought it was a good buy. I guess the bottom line would be, this team works and runs like a clock. You’ll never meet anyone as friendly as Solveig, I’m sure Brandon is much the same, as I’m told from people who have worked with him prior. I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for any kind of real estate in Whatcom County and beyond, as I’m sure they would help anyone in upper Skagit and possibly Island Counties. I’m not the kind of person that would normally write something like this, so that’s saying a lot about them. Thanks, Solveig and Brandon : )

Dave Seamons
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I thought Brandon and Solveig were an amazing team, collaborating with each other to be available for all of my needs at the drop of a dime. As a first time buyer, they patiently helped me through every step along the way, resulting in me feeling 100% confident about the big choices I was making and not being intimidated to ask a plethora questions. Finally, I think the thing that stands out to me is how involved with the Bham community they are- they referred me to an amazing local lender and some quality local inspectors. They seemed to have genuine care for supporting local workers and businesses for the overall interest of building a stronger community.

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We interviewed 4 top agents for the job of selling our house, all of them were very professional and qualified so choosing wasn’t easy but what set Brandon apart was his ability to show us a detailed paln up front that included everything from preparing the home, what to expect and finally the entire closing process…but what came next was really made the difference as we transition from the pitch to sell the house to actually putting it on market, we could see his detailled follow through, on the plan he presented to us, in action. Selling a house is never easy but this was the most painless experience, we have had…We give Brandon a full thumbs up…

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Brandon is awesome! This is a realtor that really cares about helping people find the right home from them. We were looking for our first home, he was always asking good questions and was perceptive and receptive of our ideas and preferences. With his background in construction he was able to give us accurate information about project and repair costs and challenges, he even came to the house after we bought it to help us do some of those repairs. With his help, we were able to get our house for 10% below the appraised value which is almost unheard of around here. What I appreciated most was how he was committed to making sure we were educated buyers so we could make a good decision, he was our representative and advocate all the way. Brandon is one of those people who would be excellent at whatever he set his mind to, he is an expert.

# 6


I have worked with other realtors to buy other properties, Realtors who I knew personally as friends. None of them took care of me the way Solveig has. From day one speaking to her on the phone and then meeting her she listened to what I needed and wasn’t afraid to make suggestions. Most importantly when my bank threatened to screw the whole thing up she went into action and pulled off a miracle working with the also wonderful Ashley at the Bank of the Pacific. In my job I know what it is like to have something moving along smoothly then have some outside force come in and throw a wrench into the works. Even though I am royally pissed about the situation I still have to calmly step in and fix it to the best of my ability.That is the least favorite part of my job and where all my grey hair comes from, Solveig never let on that this was the case for her, she just showed up and carried me through the process. From start to finish she has been incredibly supportive and a calming influence for me. Something that I have not received from my past dealings with the realtors mentioned above. She is a very special person and you are fortunate to have her as a part of your team. I will be spreading her name as well as yours to everyone that has a need. It is the very least I can do.
The word “thank you” doesn’t even come close to saying how I feel about all Solveig has done. I am grateful to you and your team.
Jill Ludlow

Read over 175 five-star reviews on