Sell your home in Whatcom County Selling your home can be easy. Let our experienced staff help you make it happen.

    Brandon Nelson Partners is Bellingham’s #1 Highest Rated independent real estate firm, with well over 250 Five-Star reviews — and counting! We sell a home every 2.5 days with an average sale price over 100% of list price. Our past clients who have sold with us have cited these as their favorite things about our service:

    1. We handle all the details. From our very first meeting we’ll begin guiding you on the exact steps to take to optimize your house for full market value. If help is needed, we have a constantly-refined list of contractors and service providers to help with every aspect of your prep.
    2. We prioritize communication. Selling your home is a collaborative process, and you’re going to have questions — or just want to talk things out. We are there for you!
    3. We work as a team. Consider how busy this current real estate market is, and how complex and demanding it would be for one person to handle every aspect of every client’s purchase or sale — multiplied by a dozen or more clients at any given time. That’s why teams have become the ‘new normal’ in high performance real estate. The 7 of us cooperate and work together for all our clients, whether it’s timely delivery of an important document, handling a showing request, or opening for an inspector. Whatever it is, we got it covered!
    4. We listen, and we care. Read our reviews, and notice the pattern among so many of the comments about how much our agents care. Real estate is first and foremost about people, and the changes in life that cause us to move, invest, upgrade, downsize, etc. You’re a person first, and we prioritize that in our work.

    The list goes on, and we’d love to share more of it when you call or when we meet in person. Bottom line: You can judge our firm, or any service business, by closely reviewing two things: Our track record. And what our current and past clients say about their work with us. We hold both of those out for you and the world to see, and we’re very proud of them. Contact us at or call 360-319-0696 and let’s schedule a visit.


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